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Okay, it has been more than a month or make that a couple of months since my last blog. Life has been a bit hectic but I did think of writing a lot of times and they all ended up unfinished…in the draft zone. Recently, I got plenty of time to write blog but was caught up, no, I chose instead to watch a lot of movies. I had a movie marathon for 2 days and I loved it! I love sharing everything and I do believe that these movies are worth sharing. They may have slipped your keen eyes as they are not that high profile movies that got a lot of advertisements. If you are interested, then take some time to watch the trailer and maybe watch the whole movie.


August Rush

A movie of a believer and of an amazing faith. This will be appreciated by people who believe that words are not the only form of communication and learning…
if we only let the heart listen!


The Greatest

This one got me in a time when my tearducts had to get rid of the excess fluids it contained. A tissue roll beside you, wouldn’t be a bad idea.
This is a story of family, tragedy, grief and most of all, it is a story of a great love and of moving on.



A Long Way Down

An interesting plot, this movie is about desperation and hope. I included this because the possibility of 4 people meeting on top of a building with the intent of jumping to end their miserable lives…is absurd and that makes it interesting and funny.



About Time

I really love this movie and I am sure you will too. I cannot emphasize enough that you watch this one. It is not only hilarious and witty but also very very moving and heart warming! The location, actors and actresses and even the sountrack were brilliantly chosen.



I admire how these people can think of a story and make it great this way! I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do go to cinemas to watch movies I deemed worth seeing. These four made it to movies-deemed-worth-seeing list of mine. I am glad though, that I missed it in cinema because I would have not laughed so loud and cried so hard if it was otherwise.  Lastly…

…Sometimes, the best movies reveal themselves when watched at the right time, right mood and right company with or without popcorn!

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