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Second week – Fruit photography for one year

This week’s fruit photo is still about kiwi. I found out that photographing kiwi by itself without peeling it is quite challenging. The color is not vibrant and the texture is somewhat creepy when photographed in close range, you know, hairy and rough! Not really encouraging right? It is not as if the kiwi can smile or stick its tongue which is really impossible since it does not have a tongue!! This is when creativity is needed.

How do we define creative photography? Searching the web, we’ll find that it is defined as altered reality. A photograph to be considered creative, must depart from reality. For me creative photography shows the personal touch of the photographer on the photo and putting it outside its box. How we categorize photos as to its creativeness will depend on the eye of the beholder. Altered reality, departing from reality or outside the box….simply put, not your normal photos.

Creative photography somehow is becoming your normal photos as almost everyone’s being creative when taking pictures. For inspiration, I usually search images from google and almost always I find something that fires up my imagination. For this blog, to further introduce the topic of creative photography, I downloaded a photo from Flickr.

creative photographyThis photo used the texture of the kiwi to create a dramatic representation of kiwi and he did that by backlighting the subject. Remember the creepy rough hairy kiwi I was talking about earlier? Still is visible here but gives the photo a character. For this photo to work, the photographer needed to be creative and have the skills to execute the idea.

photo by:

Here is my take on creative photo of kiwi. I should also mention that creative photography needs props too. As creativity uses imagination most of the time and to make it come to life, props are needed. Most of the time we can find something at home that can support our story. creative photography

The photo on the left was taken just a while ago, my third week on fruit project. The following story is how I usually come up with an idea for my photos. Knowing that I will be using light painting technique on this one, I used a black background, my very cheap curtain and a glass plate from an old table. I keep parts of old furniture in case situations like this arise. Also the stand which holds the glass is a combination of salvaged computer chair from 2004, the backrest broke so I replaced the seat with a plank of wood from an Ikea shelf. The source of light is a 19-Kroner penlight which I used yesterday to find my way in the forest when I got lost looking for mushrooms. Going back to my kiwi story, the kiwi started as a frozen slice which made it very white because of the frost covering it. So I started slicing it to give it some character or a story rather than being just a frozen kiwi. I saw dice and also dominos after slicing it, so I stacked them up (photo can be found in the gallery.) Then it started to melt creating a pool of water on the glass and while painting with the penlight, I saw the idea of a candle. That’s how the kiwi candle photo was made. I will definitely shoot another one like this with the whole reflection. CAMERA SETTINGS: Nikon D200 f/9, ISO 100, shutter on bulb and used a remote trigger for 11secs., spot metering, used┬áNikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lens.

The white-framed kiwi photos were from the second week shoot. I got the idea from Google when I saw a Photoshop edited one. Good thing I haven’t been printing any photos that I have lots of photo frames available. Using my recycled computer chair and now photo/painting rolling stand, I used high key tone on this one. The idea is to frame the kiwi with all the whites. Additional props were white plastic toothpick and dental floss and use your imagination to which and how I used it.

Creative photography is my favorite photography as this allows me to get out of the norm which tends to suck everyone in. Not that I have something against the norm but it is there always and available already…..and I believe there is a lot we are missing out on doing the same thing. Besides, imagination comes alive in creative photography, who wouldn’t want that?!

Do You Know?

That Kiwi is a name for people in New Zealand and that the Kiwi fruit is named after their national bird – kiwi bird?








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