DIY Lamp Holder

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Okay! So it is cold, dark and it has become harder and harder for my warm feet to step outside! I still do my runs, I have around 5 days to complete my Couch-to-5K run program (nearing my 5k!!) but I haven’t been in the forest for several days now.  The mornings and afternoons are very dramatic as it has been very foggy these past few days. The foliage are photographically perfect with the autumn colors but not really conducive for mushroom hunting. So what have I been doing aside from my job and short runs? I have been doing some DIYs and still planning for several projects. I just moved in in a new appartment and I feel the need to make it seem and feel like a home. During my free time, I have been hammering and hanging things on the walls. So far, the place is looking better. It is not the mere physical form that makes it feel like a home, as the saying goes … home is where the heart is. Spending time and effort on something is definitely putting your heart on it. Just like writing a blog or taking pictures or taking care of your kids and going an extra mile at work. So I believe I am at home as long as my heart is in it!

With my advocacy of preservation and non-consumerism (has always been my advocacy although there were times I got sidetracked blaming my love for beauty and discovery/invention) recycling is inevitable. I have been eyeing some rotting crates in the forest where I usually run and got an idea of how I can make use of it. The other day, I brought my saw and sawed two rectangular planks that I used as a lamp holder. A trip to Ikea got me two cheap metal lamps. The trip to Ikea came first and to problem-solve where to hang and how to hang the lamp, it got me making this holder/hanger. Put the branch as the hanger on the side to avoid the junction of the two planks. The side part was filled with forest elements to balance the metal element on the other side. I thought of placing a mirror there too but decided on this one to really emphasize nature. Hope you like my DIY lamp holder and that you’ll be inspired to make your own cheap and environmentally friendly DIY Projects. (Note: All Pictures were taken from a mobile phone)




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