Fruit Photography For One Year

First week – fruit photography for one year

Hi again! It has been raining almost everyday since the day I got that bad cold. I have been out walking in the forest and finding rotten mushrooms. I will have to continue my mushroom articles next season. So, what will I be writing about?

I would love to write about so much and couldn’t really decide where to focus. Two days ago, I was watching a video on about ‘The Practicing Photographer’ by Ben Long and it talked about having a year-long assignment. Meaning shooting on a regular basis with defined schedule, place and subject for the whole year. The goal is I believe mastery and to keep shooting. Seemed like a very good topic at that time so I will be blogging about my shoots.

To be safe and make this one work, I chose to shoot indoors weekly and the theme will be fruit photography… for one year! This week’s subject is kiwi!

kiwiThe first photo, I tried backlighting a thin slice of kiwi in a glass vessel with water. Speedlight at the back and built-in flash in commander mode. I love the soft light that cut thru the kiwi slice making the seeds very visible.




The rest of the images are low keys and here is the list of my props: I used the remaining slices of kiwi, a wine glass, cold water, and black curtain for my background. My camera is Nikon D200 on spot metering with nikkor 60mm macro lens mounted on a tripod. I experimented with different exposures and used flash to stop the movement of the elements. I used narrow apertures from f/11 to f/16 to get more depth of field. ISO which I don’t usually touch was set to 400 and helped in capturing the fast action kiwi-dropping moment. I used the built in flash in full power with an improvised diffuser to soften the effect of the flash. My shutter speed ranged from 2.5sec. to 0.4sec. that helped me time my drop. Of course, I used the timer of the camera to trigger the shutter button. The fun part was dropping the kiwi and timing the opening of the shutter. The hardest part was cleaning and refilling the glass. I shot around 100 shots, stopped when I got tired and seemed to not get any decent shots anymore. Post processing done using Adobe Photoshop CC.

To sum up the first week of my year-long assignment, fruit photography, not bad! Got some decent shots and I am very pleased about it!

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