How Nature Give To Us

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Yesterday, I was out foraging and was blessed with a great weather. The sunlight that passed thru the pine trees touched the top of the mossy mounds covering the ground and looked very enchanting. All I could hear was the gentle blow of the wind and the occassional chirping of the birds. Walking the pathway and around with my pocket knife, I began my hunt for mushrooms. I found several Russulas and also Boletes. After getting enough, I turned to the blueberries that were ready for picking.



I went home very pleased and on my way out the forest, I offered a heartful thanks to the creator and couldn’t help but admire the generosity of nature! I would like to believe that I am giving back and showing gratefulness to the nature by appreciating the beauty of food, preparing it with respect, no waste if possibleĀ and consuming the right amount.

Let me end this blog by sharing how I consumed the Russulas. I got a recipe from a website called I enjoyed the taste of this mushroom as it tasted very mild. The taste will really depend on the other ingredients you put in the pan!

russula recipe




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