How to make New Year’s Resolution (my style)?

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Another year is over, meaning another year is beginning. Isn’t it nice to start the year with the feeling of hope and that the past is gone and we can start over? A fresh new year! It rings hope, chances and progress at least for me. So, it would be nice to make some resolutions or to lighten it up (some feels bound by this word) some plans for the whole year. This is how I do mine.

  • Ready your pen and paper (still is the best way for me to journal things)
  • Sit down and relax
  • Think of happy thoughts, dream! (I found out that it is easier to fulfill my resolutions by good and inspiring thoughts rather than regrets and sad happenings)
  • Reflect on what happened  by asking questions: My usual questions are, am i missing something?  This usually makes me pause my auto mode. Have I done my best? This levels up my performance. Are there Things I haven’t completed yet? Going back to unresolved things declutters my mind. Are there Things I have to let go? I don’t like baggages, either I turn my back away or I make it a point to be fine with it. Am I neglecting a part of my life? This extends my vision from my self and into the people and things around me. Asking questions brings me awareness as to why I am making resolutions. You may have different questions of course!
  • List down the things you think you want to change or to add
  • Prioritize
  • Set dates and action plans
  • Be nice and gentle with yourself! Resolutions are not laws that will punish you when you break it! Be flexible!
  • Lastly, remember that everyday is as good as new year in making resolutions!

I think it is fun to make resolutions but I feel the best when I get to achieve those resolutions! Life is in constant change and expecting things to stay where they are and for people to stay who they are…it is just crazy! Make your resolutions, do your best but again be nice to yourself! I wish you all the best of 2016!!!

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