When you walk with your head low

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The other day, I decided to walk in the woods with the goal of clearing my mind. As I have been subjected to a very unnecessary and senseless stress last weekend, I thought a walk would be the best way to get my mind off of that. I was glad I did!!

At the beginning of the trail, it was impossible not to notice the small umbrella-like life form that covered the ground. As I began to inspect a few, another appeared nearby until I wasn’t walking anymore but creeping. Luckily, I recently upgraded my mobile phone from the classic Samsung galaxy note I to Sony Xperia Z2 which has superb camera and one that can be used in wet and dirty environment which made me appreciate the mushrooms more, than feeling the discomfort of protecting my phone. Ooops, yes, I am still talking about mushrooms and there were lots of them! Not just one kind but at least 8 or 9 or 10, not really sure! Here are some photos and I will try to identify them (maybe if my mind sticks to it) later on another post.

I expected the walk to clear my mind but it didn’t! Instead, it filled my mind of something else…FUNGI! Lots of them! In the end, clear minded or not, I did leave the forest lighthearted!

Here, by the way,  is a video of my encounter with a puffball mushroom


And there went my low head stroll in the woods!


  • Mushrooms can also be called toadstool but according to www.patient.co.uk, toadstool usually is associated to toxic types.
  • They are neither animal nor plant (of course, they are fungi)
  • It helps and hasten the rotting of dead leaves and tree branches thus…making it possible for us to take a stroll in the forest
  • Mushrooms contain glutamic acid giving it the ability of enhancing flavor just like what MSG does but without the high sodium content.
  • Mushrooms do not contain sugar.



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